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When you are Hurt

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How do you deal with the hurt? That’s a loaded question I know. We all have our own way we will deal with hurt and depending on the nature of the hurt will determine the severity of our reactions.

We all know that like anything else there are different levels of hurt, but hurt is hurt, right? We can choose to express those feelings to the person or persons who hurt you, rather that is their intent or not, with the hopes that they will correct or fix the issues. But in doing this you leave yourself vulnerable to them. You give them the control and the ability to make you feel better or worse. That’s scary isn’t it. You can hold it all inside till you can’t anymore and then you explode, but then everyone is looking at you like you lost your mind.
I have been guilty of both, some have made me feel better, some worse and yes the explosion was ugly.

So I had to find something that worked better for me, I am finding my best solution to this is to look deeper within myself, to first figure out why this has hurt me. What do I need to change within myself so that this doesn’t hurt me again? Sometimes, those are tough choices. Because there are times you feel you can’t do anything but walk away for that person and that situation. Don’t get me wrong, if someone hurts you have an obligation to yourself to let them know to try to prevent it from becoming a continual problem. Sometimes they will and can make it right, other times they can’t or won’t. Your feelings are yours, good, bad or indifferent and that is your job! You have to figure out your fix, your fix may not be right for anyone but you, but only you have that control.

Don’t take my love and kindness, as a sign of weakness.
Because tomorrow may be a day of no forgiveness.
Cause you are in my heart,
You think you are smart.
You may hurt me today,
Cause that is your way.
But know there are no promises of tomorrow,
So don’t let them be full of sorrow.
Today I choose my lines of confinement.
To fulfill my life’s assignment.
You are welcome to participate.
But know it is a give and take.


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