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Chapter 1 Ruth-Deal With It by Paula White

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I have recently started reading “Deal With It” by Paula White. If you haven’t read this book it is about different women of the Bible. The first chapter is about “Ruth”

Ruth was a Moabitess who married into a Hebrew family that had moved to Moab from Bethlehem to escape a famine. After the death of Ruth’s husband and her mother-in-law Naomi’s husband, Naomi decided to move back to Bethlehem and Ruth followed. Naomi tried to send Ruth back to Moab; telling her to go back to her family, customs, and ways in which she was raised, “I’m going to a place that is unfamiliar to you.” Ruth however refused telling Naomi, “your people shall be my people and your God, my God.” Ruth was a strong woman who walked away from her past. She willingly left everything she had known for a new life, a better life.

This chapter talks a lot about leaving your past in the past, good and bad. You don’t get to choose to leave the bad and take the good, you leave it all. Paula White goes as far as saying when you start a new day you leave yesterday in the past. You know we have all heard leave your past in the past but this took it to a whole new level for me. She also states you can’t look backward and forward at the same time, if you try to move forward while looking backwards you’ll become unstable and you will fail.

“Leave and cleave” is a Bible principle that applies to every person. You must leave your past and cleave to what God has for you.
Leave your yesterday…and cleave to today.
Leave your failures…and cleave to God’s promises.
Leave your old sin…and cleave to the forgiveness God gives you.

Five things about your past and present
1. God does not consult your past to determine your future.
2. God commands you to leave your past and press towards the future He has for you.
3. God always has a future for you.
4. Change your focus.
5. Prepare yourself in the Word.

Naomi was bitter and blamed God for the death of her husband and sons, but their deaths were due to their own actions, they failed to trust or obey God’s command to all the Israelites not to go to Moab. The Bible states consequences for sins always come in some form of death.

First and foremost let me say WOW! In reading this chapter, I could relate to this in so many ways. I don’t know that I fully grasped the concept of leaving your past in the past. And in doing so, you have to change your whole thought process by letting go of the past angers, hurts, fears and other things you may feel. Believe me when I say I am being tested on a daily basis of letting go and changing my thought process. In doing so I can honestly say my today is better than my yesterday and I look forward to tomorrow because I know it will be better than today.

For you that are walking around with negative feelings, I urge you to let it go so you may find happiness and peace. Smile because God loves you and that is a beautiful thing.


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