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What Are You Really Worth?

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How many of us really ask ourselves the question “What am I really worth? And secondly, how many of us really answer that question? Last night when I went to bed I was struggling to figure out what todays blog was going to be about. I woke up at 3 a.m. with the answer, and since then have been trying to figure out the real answers. So this morning I have been cleaning out my closet, so to speak, feeling like I’m at a cross roads; I have to determine if I’m going to continue straight down this road or turn but never do a u-turn.

In doing so I have taken a walk down memory lane to find my own answers to this question. I am worth so much more and I believe a lot of us feel this way, but we are afraid to look in our closets, to give “US” the opportunity to find our own truths and answers because of the back lash. I challenge everyone to open their closet to answer this question for themselves honestly. Over the years we get beat down by life, relationships, responsibilities and the fight, in doing so we forget who we are, what we desire and what plan is set forth for us. I look back over the years and wonder how and when did this happen? I have to laugh, cause with each loss in our life’s I think people walk away with a little less of themselves and their expectations.

Example, remember back to your “First Love” I don’t know about you but I went into it thinking we were going to conquer the world. Yes a little naive I know, but my point being, there were things that were unacceptable. Cross that line and there was no u-turns, over the years that line has changed and I believe every time I allowed that line to change I lost a little of me. For what ever the reasons being, I allowed this to happen. I feel for me those lines have to exist to help me stay within myself. Lines have to exist in all areas of our life’s job, friendships, love, family etc. You have to determine what your limits are and accept them. You need to have expectations, boundaries, honesty with yourself and others, happiness and sadness cause without them you aren’t living.

With that being said, I have to be the one to change this. Set those lines back in place and not allow them to be moved. You have to be true to you, and follow your own heart. No one defines who you are but yourself and God. No one or no thing can take your self-worth unless you allow them or it the access.

Everyday with the love, support and guidance of God, family and friends I am rediscovering the little things that identify me. I am thankful that my children are willing to fight for me when I wasn’t… and I love you all.


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