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Knowing What Is Right

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How do we ever know what is the right choice for ourselves? Because what is right for me may not be right for you.

Just to give you a little background of my self. I have struggled over so many things in my life. One of the main things that has come to light since I lost my father about 9 months ago is my relationship with God or lack of it. I wasn’t brought up in a strong religious family, my children weren’t either and now I worry about my grandchildren not experiencing those feelings and emotions of having God in their everyday life. Don’t get me wrong I believed but I didn’t understand. I know I haven’t walked the road God would have liked for me too. So here I am at my age trying to figure out what so many of you already know.

And in doing so I feel God has put certain people in my life recently to help me on this journey, to help educate me and to help me grow as a person. I don’t know if they are short or long-term. With this there is the fear of not knowing, trusting what I feel and not being in control. I have always been that person that 1+1=2, everything had to add up, make sense and if it didn’t then my mind ran away with the situation. I am trying to open my mind up to the bigger picture, that not everything always adds up.

Someone told me that I deserve to be happy and not to live in fear. So today I am acknowledging that because I do know I am deserving. I do believe that God is working in my life and relationships for the better and will not let me stray down the wrong road.

I have a lot more to learn, but today I do know I am deserving of God’s love.


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